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Moss Farms Diving works with with Safesport to make the diving community a safe place for athletes to excel. Please review their material in order to educate yourself as an athlete and parent. Read more below from the Safesport website.  Links to materials for parents and athetes are provided below. (source: https://safesport.org/what-we-do)


Safesport Mission

Our mission is to make athlete well-being the centerpiece of our nation’s sports culture.
All athletes deserve to participate in sports free from bullying, hazing, sexual misconduct or any form of emotional or physical abuse.

Education & Outreach

Education and awareness are the most critical components to creating safe and respectful sporting environments, free of abuse and harassment. Our team of subject matter expoerts develop best practices, policies, and programs consistent with guidance from leading organizations. SafeSport is building its repository of best practices and is eager to work with your organization to champion and end abuse in sports.

Resources for Parents