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Learn to Dive Lessons

The LEARN TO DIVE team is comprised of entry-level divers with little or no experience in the sport. Preferably, these divers should be at least six years old, having completed Kindergarten.

Emphasis for this group is on the fundamentals of diving such as board work, entries, and basic skills. Practices are twice a week for one hour, and the cost is $80 per month. We also offer a three day lessons plan for approved divers at the cost of $120 per month.

Children must know how to swim before they begin diving lessons.

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Tiny Tigers

The Tiny Tigers group is a hand selected group of individuals that range from 6-9 years old that the coaches assess as up- and-coming divers on the fast track to Pre-Team, J.O., and in some cases H.P. These divers possess above average talent, coachability, willingness to learn new skills, and other key factors that define successful divers (i.e. flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, motivation, fearlessness, etc.). The Tiny Tigers will start competing in more competitions regionally. Some older divers (ages 10-11) may be placed on this squad that have shown competency in skills but may not quite be ready for Pre-Team/J.O. Tiny Tigers will be expected to strive toward competitive 1m and 3m lists for novice AND J.O. meets.


These are intermediate level divers working toward membership in the Junior Olympic (J.O.) team. Specific dives must be mastered before divers advance to this level. These divers have exhibited the necessary skill and desire to learn a J.O. list on 1-meter and most of 3-meter. Intermediate team members may compete in local AAU and USA diving competitions. Practice is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and lasts 1.5 hours. Divers must be invited to join this level, and the cost is $125 per month. At this level parents will be asked to serve on the board, volunteer at meets and participate in fundraising activities.

Junior Olympic (J.O.)

This is the highest level Moss Farms Diving team. Junior Olympic divers compete at regional, zone, national, and international competitions. The goal of many of these divers is to dive in college and earn a college scholarship. Practice is daily and lasts two hours. Again, divers must be invited to advance to this level, and the cost is $150 per month. Parents are asked to volunteer on committees and during meets, with greater fundraising involvement than the Intermediate level.